I’m so pretty why do I look so ugly

I’m gonna need to stay up most of the night to finish a small fraction of my work
And I didn’t even include ACT practice ugh ugh ugh

  • me: I'm so cute
  • me 15 mins later: I hate myself

I want crepes, that’s what I want




why does this make me feel mad

Because he’s considered powerful, and she’s considered a whore.

*shots fired*

oh i was thinking the answer was more along the lines of ‘i am angry that these people can do this thing that i can’t’



I’m p in love with Amna tbh I really regret not marrying her birds-sing-sweeter

yah that’s probably gonna be the biggest regret of your life
like I just put on eyeliner and I LOOK SO FREAKING CUTE

You’re teasing me now this is not fair